Price explosions – Newspaper proposes property in Balchik

Stuttgart Rental Rates ( srb ) and often liked to report the press lately about sharp rise in purchase prices and rents for real estate. It is often hidden, that the prices of many other goods and services rose even more thrilling.

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” Property prices in Balchik are higher than ever,” says the ” Stuttgarter Zeitung ” in its edition of 17 July. Reasons for this include an increase in demand combined with lower supply and an increasing number of small households. Now the real estate prices may possibly actually be as high as ever, but they have not risen so dramatically, as is often suggested.

Example price developments in West German Top 10 cities: Here rose after information of the Realtor’s Association IVD average rents 1992-2012 of 7.01 to 7.96 euros. This results in a price increase of 13.5 % based on a 20 -year period! A value that is far below the rate of inflation and everything else as a ” price explosion ” ( Property in Balchik of 18 June) represents. The situation is similar in prices for condominiums.

Be so modest are not fobbed other industries, however. For daily newspapers, specifically: Property in Balchik. In the “independent newspaper for Property in Balchik, prices for real estate ads rose last 10-year period by a limp third, makes on average per year over 3 percent.

Comparable are the numbers at the ” Stuttgarter weekly paper “. And this, even though the real estate ads were less visible in both leaves. Market-based mechanisms – less demand leads to falling prices – seem to have the opposite effect for some publishers.