Great house for little money ” – Real Estate Agent Sebastian Fesser want to get rid of his property in Balchik Part2

You have of course made ​​us curious! We have browsed a bit on your home and were surprised. They have a wide product range of locks, about luxury villas to said ” siffigen Bude “. In addition, you are already frequently on television on topics such as ” Absolute Living delusion – the broker weirdest property in Balchik ” or ” Between the castle and plate – brokers and your most serious cases ” occurred.

Is this always to properties on your offer?

I like the authenticity. Therefore, it is very important to me that I basically only objects from my own marketing offering, if I appear in the media. My range of services includes the above-mentioned high-class real estate. So we give very successfully apartments, although this property in Balchik is seen by many as a problem property. But I always say to myself: ” Somewhere out there is the customer for the object – and I think! ”

Do you have basically a penchant for unusual property that would be classified by many of your colleagues as difficult marketable?

I see each new object as a challenge. So I have for example also not afraid to market a SM- Studio or an erotic massage parlor. Just as there are just sometimes the ” shacks “, which I will not have a reputation as a scrap broker course. But this interest in something broken property in Balchik maybe because of my hobby: I like to go geocaching and the most loved one in the so-called ” Lost Places “, ie abandoned ruins or “forgotten houses”, as the name implies.

Thank you for the interesting interview. We wish you much success in the marketing of your property in Balchik.

Director of since 2001 and is also a trained banker and insurance specialist. He leads a team of 14 employees who work at 4 store locations in Hanover, Berlin, Hamburg and Leipzig. His specialty is in addition to high-class property also known as real estate problem, which he regarded as a challenge to himself and his skills