Great house for little money ” – Real Estate Agent Sebastian Fesser want to get rid of his property in Balchik

Piles of garbage and a long repair list remained after the tenant of a detached single-family home had gone out in the tranquil Coppenbruegge near Hanover. The tenants had taken over the house in need of renovation and simply furnished. Around a year later, the owner had the unfortunate pleasure to take a scrap property in Balchik in reception. But unlike frequently read in negative headlines about scrap real estate, real estate agents and owners Sebastian Fesser was quite open about the situation.
We discovered the honest and unvarnished exposé on his Facebook page and have asked the real estate agent to arrange an interview.

Mr. Fesser, two days after insertion had your exposé 32,000 hits on the platform and 7,600 Likes on our Facebook fan page. In addition, only the link was clicked on our Facebook page 21,390 times! Was the wording of the display a targeted marketing strategy or are you now surprised regarding the reactions?

Finally, the significant words have certainly led to a lot of trust from the readers. The intention but that was less. Actually, I had in writing the display just such a bad mood that has just struck down in clear words in the text. The fact that the display attracts such immense circles, I would not have thought. Not only the Likes or many great mails confirm that, but also the resonances of the various media. To visit emerged, for example, also two reporters on the scene on Sunday at the property in Balchik, who have written a great article. Also the SAT1 breakfast television or HitRadio antenna interested in the ” honest broker ” of Germany.