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Price explosions – Newspaper proposes property in Balchik

Stuttgart Rental Rates ( srb ) and often liked to report the press lately about sharp rise in purchase prices and rents for real estate. It is often hidden, that the prices of many other goods and services rose even more thrilling.

Taxi from Balchik to Golden Sands – you could find here

” Property prices in Balchik are higher than ever,” says the ” Stuttgarter Zeitung ” in its edition of 17 July. Reasons for this include an increase in demand combined with lower supply and an increasing number of small households. Now the real estate prices may possibly actually be as high as ever, but they have not risen so dramatically, as is often suggested.

Example price developments in West German Top 10 cities: Here rose after information of the Realtor’s Association IVD average rents 1992-2012 of 7.01 to 7.96 euros. This results in a price increase of 13.5 % based on a 20 -year period! A value that is far below the rate of inflation and everything else as a ” price explosion ” ( Property in Balchik of 18 June) represents. The situation is similar in prices for condominiums.

Be so modest are not fobbed other industries, however. For daily newspapers, specifically: Property in Balchik. In the “independent newspaper for Property in Balchik, prices for real estate ads rose last 10-year period by a limp third, makes on average per year over 3 percent.

Comparable are the numbers at the ” Stuttgarter weekly paper “. And this, even though the real estate ads were less visible in both leaves. Market-based mechanisms – less demand leads to falling prices – seem to have the opposite effect for some publishers.

Great house for little money ” – Real Estate Agent Sebastian Fesser want to get rid of his property in Balchik Part2

You have of course made ​​us curious! We have browsed a bit on your home and were surprised. They have a wide product range of locks, about luxury villas to said ” siffigen Bude “. In addition, you are already frequently on television on topics such as ” Absolute Living delusion – the broker weirdest property in Balchik ” or ” Between the castle and plate – brokers and your most serious cases ” occurred.

Is this always to properties on your offer?

I like the authenticity. Therefore, it is very important to me that I basically only objects from my own marketing offering, if I appear in the media. My range of services includes the above-mentioned high-class real estate. So we give very successfully apartments, although this property in Balchik is seen by many as a problem property. But I always say to myself: ” Somewhere out there is the customer for the object – and I think! ”

Do you have basically a penchant for unusual property that would be classified by many of your colleagues as difficult marketable?

I see each new object as a challenge. So I have for example also not afraid to market a SM- Studio or an erotic massage parlor. Just as there are just sometimes the ” shacks “, which I will not have a reputation as a scrap broker course. But this interest in something broken property in Balchik maybe because of my hobby: I like to go geocaching and the most loved one in the so-called ” Lost Places “, ie abandoned ruins or “forgotten houses”, as the name implies.

Thank you for the interesting interview. We wish you much success in the marketing of your property in Balchik.

Director of since 2001 and is also a trained banker and insurance specialist. He leads a team of 14 employees who work at 4 store locations in Hanover, Berlin, Hamburg and Leipzig. His specialty is in addition to high-class property also known as real estate problem, which he regarded as a challenge to himself and his skills

Great house for little money ” – Real Estate Agent Sebastian Fesser want to get rid of his property in Balchik

Piles of garbage and a long repair list remained after the tenant of a detached single-family home had gone out in the tranquil Coppenbruegge near Hanover. The tenants had taken over the house in need of renovation and simply furnished. Around a year later, the owner had the unfortunate pleasure to take a scrap property in Balchik in reception. But unlike frequently read in negative headlines about scrap real estate, real estate agents and owners Sebastian Fesser was quite open about the situation.
We discovered the honest and unvarnished exposé on his Facebook page and have asked the real estate agent to arrange an interview.

Mr. Fesser, two days after insertion had your exposé 32,000 hits on the platform and 7,600 Likes on our Facebook fan page. In addition, only the link was clicked on our Facebook page 21,390 times! Was the wording of the display a targeted marketing strategy or are you now surprised regarding the reactions?

Finally, the significant words have certainly led to a lot of trust from the readers. The intention but that was less. Actually, I had in writing the display just such a bad mood that has just struck down in clear words in the text. The fact that the display attracts such immense circles, I would not have thought. Not only the Likes or many great mails confirm that, but also the resonances of the various media. To visit emerged, for example, also two reporters on the scene on Sunday at the property in Balchik, who have written a great article. Also the SAT1 breakfast television or HitRadio antenna interested in the ” honest broker ” of Germany.